Amber Heard's problematic history and why you shouldn't support her: a thread.
Trigger Warning: This thread will include topics of abuse, racisim, rape claims and other general shitty behaviour on Amber's part. If this is going going to trigger you in anyway then please don't subject yourself to this.
Before we get to the abuse situation which is more known now, let's start with Amber Heard's racism. I feel like people forget Amber has been racist so let's rewind to 2018 and remind everyone about this insensitive tweet that she quickly deleted after receiving backlash.
According to Amber "stereotypes are fun." Here we have an email she sent mocking a disabled black man. Colt 45 was a beer popularised by their advertisements with actors Redd Foxx and Billy Dee Williams. The second image is a court document proving the arrowarc email is Amber.
Here we have Amber saying the N word. This is a text between her and a cop. Amber is the red. In case you're wondering about the authenticity, this was shared by Johnny's lawyer
Amber "rescued" a puppy and called it Hadya - an Arabic name. Then after taking it back to her hotel, the puppy started to chew on a scarf and she laughed calling the dog "a little terrorist."
Side note: no one has seen this dog since. Https://
When the Black Lives Matter protests were at their peak earlier this year, Amber posted a tone deaf photo of her with a cop despite the fact it's the cops treatment of black lives the world is protesting. Speculation has been drawn that this isn't even a real cop but her friend.
More about that if you'd like to see it:
Let's move on to her being a walking contradiction - Amber spoke up on twitter about cyber bullying but if you scroll down on her twitter you will find her cyber bulling someone. Let's take into account her following on twitter, she purposly sent this so her fans would attack.
In 2016, Amber Heard knowingly smuggled her dogs into Australia illegally. This gained media attention at the time as she was married to Johnny Depp (though everyone except Amber claims he didn't know the situation as he was already in Australia filimg). She later joked about it.
While in court in London, it was revealed by Kevin Murphy and Kate James that she knew she wasn't allowed to bring the dogs with her and did it anyway - going so far as to threaten Kevin's job. Kevin even admitted to perjury in the London Court. Https://
Let's move on to her abusive tendencies because she has more than one victim. In 2009, Amber was arrested for abuse after she was caught hitting her then girlfriend - Tasya Van Ree by a police officer.
She then tried to say the cop that arrested her was homophobic and was being prejudice against her for dating a woman. Only issue with that was that the cop was a lesbian who fought for LGBTQ+ rights. Amber was given 2 years probation.
It's been reported that when she met Johnny Depp, Amber and her lawyers had her criminal record erased of domestic abuse.
She's been getting away with things practically her entire life. If you look on Amber's record you'll see she has a "driving with a suspended licence" from 2003 that was later dismissed.
More abuse. Amber's previous assistant - Kate James testified that Amber emotionally, mentally and verbally abused her and used her (at the time) four year old son as a prop so she seemed more maternal to Johnny and the media.
If that wasn't bad enough, Kate would later state in court that while working for her, she told Amber about a horrible event in her life where she had been raped. Amber then stole Kate's experience to use for her own advantage.
Lets move on to what's most known about Amber: the abuse of Johnny Depp. On May 27th 2016, Amber started the public smear campaign against Depp just seven days after his mothers death. This also happened to be his daughters (Lily-Rose Depp's) 17th birthday.
May 27th 2016, Amber appeared with a visible bruise on her face obtaining a restraining order against Depp stating he was abusing her. 28th May 2016, Amber appeared freshed faced, no bruise in sight, laughing with her friends Roxanne & Josh who are both 'witnesses' for her.
Witnesses in the building she lived in with Depp claim to have seen her days leading up to this with no brusing until the 27th May 2016. At which point Johnny had had already left and had been gone days which shows he wasn't there to give her that bruise. Https://
Court documents show depositions of staff at the East Columbia building where she lived stating Amber asked them to lie to people magazine about seeing her injured in hopes of slandering Johnny Depp. They refused stating they didn't see any injuries on her.
Not only was she physically abusive, she was also verbally abusive too. In court a witness revealed she heard Amber telling Johnny he was "fat" and "would die a lonely man." Amber said those things were said but he said it to her... because that makes percect sense.
While texting Depp, Amber's own parents said the only reason she got the restraning order was because her lawyer told her that if she didn't, he could kick her out the penthouse at any time. They even told Johnny they loved him. These texts were submitted to court.
Johnny was late for Amber's birthday party, he had told her that he was in a business meeting and couldn't get back until later. When he returned, Amber started acting violent towards him and punched him in the face while he was reading in bed.
Johnny left that night and in the morning, a cleaner found that Amber Heard and her friends had left poo in Johnny's bed before leaving for Coachella. Amber tried to blame it on her dog but her dogs are tiny and the cleaner said there was no way they could have done that.
In October 2018, Johnny had an interview with GQ magazine (one of the few times he openly spoke about the abuse situation). Two days later Amber tweeted this in order to discredit him.
Amber severed the tip of Johnny finger & put a cigarette out on his cheek while they were in Austrilia. Amber's version of events changed four times ranging from her not being there to watching Johnny do it to himself with a plastic phone to her being upstairs and seeing nothing.
Originally Johnny covered for her but later said that Amber had done it by throwing a glass vodka bottle at him. Due to this injury, he contracted MRSA twice which could have killed him.
Here is audio from the day of the incident. Amber and the doctor both acknowledge that Amber was the one that caused Johnny's injury.
Video credit goes to: @ThatBrianFella or Incredibly Average on YouTube.
In the audio Amber admits to several things including starting a physical fight, throwing things at Johnny, hitting him as well as telling Johnny no one would believe he was an abuse victim because he's a man and bigger than she is.
Credit: Incredibly Average on YouTube
According to Johnny, while with they were together, Amber Heard took it upon herself to withhold prescribed medication from him while he was going through a pain killer withdrawal. Johnny claimed it was one of the cruelest thing she had ever done.
Amber claimed to have given the seven million dollars settlement she received from Johnny Depp to charity. Still, there is no proof of this ever happening and she has managed to prevent the court from seeing the documents that could prove if she had or had done this.
Amber is currently still following an account that has made several disgusting jokes about Johnny being raped.
I won't be adding their @
Amber not only lied in court but had her sister lie too. They both changed dates of certain incidents when they were disproved. Whitney (her sister) claimed Amber had never abused her. According to Whitney's ex employer, she was terrifed of Amber and was worried she'd kill Johnny
In court, Amber's younger sister - Whitney defended her. She stated that Amber only ever hit Johnny in defence of Whitney when he almosted pushed her down the stairs.
Unfortunately for these sisters Whitney had already told her ex employer what had actually happened. She told Jennifer Howell that Amber was abuing Johnny, almost pushed him down the stairs and that Amber had cut the tip of Johnny finger off.
Moving on to now. Amber has stolen someone's work. After emails back and fourth between @FabricationsMm and Amber's assisant, they told her they couldn't afford her work only to rip it off later down the line. Support her please, she's talented.
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