Some folks have asked me to explain what’s going on with @twitter locking the @nypost twitter account:

1. Post posted that story on Hunter Biden which twitter determined at the time contained materials (emails and photos) that violated twitter rules.
2. Twitter says the specific twitter rules broken were ones that applied to the publication of hacked materials and personal information.

Twitter decided that also meant any tweets that directly included those materials or linked to them twitter required to be deleted.
3. Twitter locked accounts that tweeted those materials until they deleted those tweets after which they'd have access restored.

4. Then twitter *changed its ruling* about blocking those links.
5. The change meant that those previous @NYPost tweets were no longer in violation of current rules — just previous rules.

But twitter does not change enforcement decisions retroactively —- even if the account is no longer violating the rules.
6. So twitter and the @NYpost are in a standoff about rules the Post violated that are no longer the rules.

Twitter says NYPost can end this immediately by deleting the tweets in question.

Post editors suggest they won’t do so.
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