Questioning does not mean disowning.

People question because they have hopes from the govt. This will not make us LW, cuz LW opposes everything. All we ask for, is one assurance, specially when you spoke for people like tabrez.

Because when Modi/Shah/Yogi come to mind, 1/3
..we get a sense of safety.

We usually boast abt HinduRashtra on BJP’s merit, but what will happen if incidents like this takes that faith away? True that these incidents can happen anywhere anytime, but what matters is how you deal with it, how will you regain that trust.
I mean.. Kal tak HinduRashtra ki baat karte the aur aj sochna pad raha hai ki aage kya hoga.. Vote na dein to bhi opposition ayegi, which is no good either, vote dein to bhi kya guarantee hai ki you’ll represent us.

Hope that our leaders speak on this & take necessary actions.
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