We are where we are because folk stayed their asses home in 2010 & 2014. This is what the GOP has done in one decade! McConnell did this shit in one of his terms! 6 years! Barack Obama risked a lot to pass the ACA & folk rewarded him for that by staying home in 2010.
When Boehner took over as Speaker in 2010, Barack Obama became a lame duck President, even if he was re-elected in 2012. Boehner becoming Speaker stopped Obama’s progress. But instead of folk waking up in 2014, they got mad at Obama for not doing enough & stayed home again!
And then we watched Harry Reid hand that gavel over to McConnell in 2014. And there went Obama's judges & his Supreme Court Justice. All folk had to do in 2016 was vote for The Email Lady.... but Harambe made sense. Now y'all mad because Trump got 3 justices & a bunch of judges.
Y'all mad at Dems for the position YOU put them in. Nah, bruh. Blame yourselves for not showing up when it mattered. Blame yourselves for not heeding people's warnings. Imagine how bad shit would be if we didn't take the House in 2018. YOU ALL FINALLY SHOWED UP. Now do it again.
You want Dems to do something, put them in the position to. Vote so they can take the WH & the Senate. It's within our grasp. Then, get ready for 2022. Don't complain if Joe Biden ain't doing enough or moving fast enough for you. Look at the mess he will need to clean up.
Don't expect them to blow up the filibuster & expand the courts right away. They shouldn't do any of that until folk prove they're gonna show their asses up to vote in 2022 instead of whining & bitching & moaning.

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