It can be hard to engage in productive ways about #politics with people whose everyday life experiences are so different from our own (and they may not enjoy the same #podcasts).

Dear undecided #SuburbanWomen from #BattlegroundStates #AZ #FL #GA #MI #MN #NC #PA #WI
I am a white woman, mother, academic, and (old)millennial who really likes #podcasts and is currently living in the suburbs of Philadelphia facing off against #cancer. Currently, the #election scares me more. I picked 4 themes, outlined below.
I’m specifically writing to those of you who may share some of these demographic similarities (hopefully not the last one). You may have voted for #Trump in 2016, you may not have voted at all... but perhaps your mind (or heart?) has changed after 4 years in Trump America.
This incomplete but carefully curated list of election-related thoughts and podcast pairings, was written to you. Podcasts from: @iheartradio @Cadence13 @crookedmedia @nytimes and @Gimletmedia
I. THE PRIVILEGE TO VOTE. For a set of complicated reasons, my family left NYC and moved in with my parents in the #suburbs of Philadelphia this year. Voting is always important, but WOW, I feel counted in PA. Thanks to the #ElectoralCollege we are getting a lot of attention.
II. PANDEMIC. Trump told Americans: “It is what it is.” We need a strong andserious stand against #COVID19. As people with privilege, we may not feel the excruciating toll of this disease in the same way as those who are at higher risk-because we are young(er) than 65 and white.
Even if your family has been spared (so far), Trump’s response to COVID-19 will get to us. Want to hear a recap of @JoeBiden’s plan for first term? (It starts with beating #COVID.)Listen to his interview with @jonlovett and @danpfeiffer on @PodSaveAmerica
IICont. (FOR MAMAS) Many friends are crying in the bathroom between virtual lessons with their kid(s). Some of them are also “working full time.” Some of them are single moms. We all watch decades of progress on #genderequity lost. We all have a reason to cry in the bathroom.
III. WOMEN’S ISSUES. I felt so good (and validated) when I read this quote from @SenKamalaHarris circa 2017: “Women's issues are as diverse as who we are." AMEN.
So your moral/religious view on one very specific issue - say abortion - might be driving your decision to vote and/or who to vote for but we can’t be single-issue voters because EVERY issue #environment #ForeignPolicy #education #economy... these are all women’s issues.
I was excited to learn about this new political podcast that puts women front and center (and behind the mic). Check out the new #podcast: Pod is A Woman with @ACampoverdi @dariennepage @JohannaMaska
IV. HEALTH. I have a lot of feelings on #healthcare, but will just focus on a personal one. I thought I was completely healthy a few months before I was diagnosed with a very rare and elusive cancer.
I hope you and your family are healthy and insured - because too many American women and families are not. And more women have lost/will lose employer coverage during the #COVID__19 crisis. (I’ve been very fortunate in there.)
Trump hates the #ACA/ #Obamacare-and it’s not perfect- but #BidenCare will keep protection for people with #PreExistingConditions from being denied coverage or charged higher premiums. That could be us; it’s already me. We need #science and #research and inclusive #healthcare.
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