Increasingly looking more as if this November we're going to discover not whether or not Trump will win re-election (he won't), but whether our political/legal infrastructure has been degraded enough by the American Fascist Party to successfully allow Trump's authoritarian coup.
There exists no legitimate Trump victory.

He's an illegitimate candidate, enacting an illegitimate presidency achieved by an illegitimate campaign, nominated by an anti-democracy party engaged in the deliberate dismantling of democracy.

There exists no legitimate Trump victory.
My take on the Supreme Court is, there no longer is a Supreme Court, and if we kick the American Fascist Party out of power, we should probably confirm one—as many seats as is deemed wise.

Currently seated justices can be re-confirmed if deemed suited to a valid Supreme Court.
My take on the Senate is, there is at present no actual Senate, and if we are able to take control back from the American Fascist Party, we should fill all of their seats as soon as possible with people who aren't active fascists.

Governors should be ready to name replacements.
If there is a Senate, then what bills are they passing?

They aren't a deliberative body—they're an intestinal blockage. They exist to choke the business of governance to death and install young fascists to lifetime judicial appointments.

They exist to kill the government.
They exist to kill the government, and since it is a representative government, the government is us.

They exist to kill us for cash. Very literally.

My take on the Senate is there is no Senate. This by design and intent and strategy.

Purge the American Fascist Party.
We need to go on believing in equality and fairness and structure and norms and decency and institutions and laws.

We need to stop thinking that those things are achievable by working with American fascists who want only to demolish all of those things.
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