Just a Chanyeol birthday countdown thread because i love him so much 🥺💖 ~ ♡
[❀ D-30] My most precious person🥺✨
This year is going to be my 5th celebrating your special day with u , thank u so much because all that u brought into my life through the past years was only joy,happiness & so much love coming from your sincere & golden heart . I love u.
[✿ D-29 ] my very own person Chanyeol 💖✨ i love how bright and positive you always are no matter how busy u are & no matter how hard it is .Everytime that i feel down , i get to remember your words and smile, so thankful to u for helping me through my hardest times. I love u.
[D-28❀ ] i want to tell u how much u are healing this world with your heart & everything u do Chanyeol .You're a beautiful person inside & outside,you're always full of love and ready to give it,& that's why i'll love u with every beat of my heart & never let your bowl be empty.
[D-27❀ ] ♡Chanyeol ,my number one of all the time,u are seriously the most amazing person i got to know,u are everything i got right.I trust u always & i believe in u,no matter how hard it can get for both of us sometimes,i'll be by your side and hold your hand through it all .
[D-26 ❀ ] today i just hope that all the love and positivity u gave us before will all return to u ,now, tomorrow and all the upcoming days ,i hope the smile will never leave your face,u deserve happiness and only that.I love u so much Chanyeol ,thanks for helping me smiling💕✨
[D-25☾] it's finally ur month my most precious treasure~i hope it's gonna be a better one for u,i'm always wishing u a happy life surrounded by ur family & friends,i just want u to realize how much uve done to this world,i love u &as days go by my love to u grows even stronger✨
[D-24 ❀] ... I hope you never doubt yourself and u always feel as proud as u make everyone feels towards u ✨💫 u are someone i cannot describe by words and even tho i don't know u in person but i have a lot to say about u,thanks for being who u are .I love u endlessly Chanyeol.
[D-23❀] Chanyeollie ,you are the most humble and respectful person i've ever seen,u make me wanna be a better person everytime i see the way u treat people ! You give me reasons to love u more every single day ,you're incredible, your heart is made of gold angel ilu so much💖
[D-22 ❀] My number one person🥺💕 you're presence in my life is a whole bliss itself,the ability of your smile to turn my day from the worst to the very best,your impact on me is just so beautiful,i hope your heart will always feel as safe & happy as u make mine. Love u so much.
[D-21 ❀] my heart in a person 🥺♥️i miss your smile the very most,it's literally the thing to always brighten my days,u manage to make everything easy to me my sunshine ,i can't put in words how much i love u .You are so special to me,so i wish happiness for u forever and after.
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