You have to provide me with data or it makes no sense. "Love Jihad" is essentially love bombing except the perpetrators are Muslims and the victims are Hindus(for the most part). You say its a "psychologically process" and thats exactly the point(1/n)
"Psychological problems" are not combated through the state. Cults are harmful too. But nobody would make it illegal. Nobody will turn it into a political issue. "Love Jihad"OTOH is used as political propaganda despite BJP admitting in Lok Sabha that there r no cases of it(2/n)
Psychological problems are only combatted by the state when the act committed by the person is illegal,say a terrorist. But deprogramming is not within the scope of the law. Besides,all cases investigated by NIA fell flat. Nobody was forced to convert(3/n)
Tell me, as a future BJP MP, how will you solve it? You can only solve it if you have the data. If you know what the problem is. If you do a multivariate analysis. If two people marry and one of them converts and claims to do it willingly,what are you going to do?(4/n)
But I guess you have no problem with that. You have problem with forced conversion. That is illegal. And its also not a psychological problem but a societal problem. A boy pretends to fall in love with a girl and then forces the girl against her will to convert(5/n)
There's no brainwashing here coz the girl doesn't want to convert& no sane person will defend something that's clearly illegal. But "Love Jihad" by your definition is brainwashing&gaslighting. And this is where the problem starts(6/n)
I think fundamentalist Christians are brainwashed too. But I'd be appaled if the state brought in any legislation to "deprogram" them. That'd be awful and in clear violation of the values enshrined in the constitution. More in this thread-
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