So I did some detective work on this very post of ManGeck's. Here we have a post of ManGeck accusing Deviant Crow of being a pedophile. Some of these bits look legit, but lemme tell you the case. It's not.

Watch in awe as I debunk these screenshots in a simple and easy thread!!!
Let's look at the first screencap. Notice something odd? You should because when you usually join her server, you cannot talk to Deviant Crow unless she speaks to you first. Notice that "AnnaBell" speaks first. One pointer to show it's all fake. Another is down below (1/4)
So when Deviant Crow talks to you first time, she says to you "welcome what bring yee here?" as seen in first photo, in the fake screencap (second photo), it says "cool, why ya come here?" This is something the real Crow never says. Therefore. The first screencap is a fake (2/4)
Now this one is easy to debunk right off the bat. This is just Stereotype Pedo behaviour. It's not even real at this point. DC never speaks that way to minors. EVER. in fact no minor on the SFW server has experienced discomfort with Crow at all. (3/4)
And finally, we get to this one right here. The way the fake Crow speaks in this one can disprove this one as well. How stupid.

Okay, I'm tired now... I think I've cracked the case with this one... Imma go to bed now... Nighty nights people. May my detective work pay off.. (4/4)
UPDATE: There is more. whilst scrolling through who joined. I found that on the 19th, nobody joined the flock as "AnnaBell". Nobody under that name joined. So that makes it really fake.
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