6 years ago I turned 16 and a few months later I heard this song 'Shake It Off' on the dutch radio on my way to school. At that moment in time, i just liked music but this song gave me chills and make me feel so strongly against everything that people said to me at that time.
i knew Taylor was a country singer but this was something i needed to be part of. So i went on twitter and followed the release a bit and '1989' just blew me away and that was the point I felt I found the person who made music for my heart, who sang about things I felt.
I always think back about that ride in the buss to a school i did not like, people i did not like, but at least it gave me one of the greatest things in life; my passion for music.

'1989' is the best pop album ever made but for me it's way way more then that. It speaks of hope.
'1989' is not just a reset of pop music it's a rebirth of a new pop era and so many more things. Most of us started to really see the power of Taylor during 1989 and i want to thank her so much for taking the risk making this pure pop masterpiece despite her label saying 'no'.
She most likely has no idea whatsoever how much '1989' changed my life. Even after 6 years, and now a young adult, I still get tears in my eyes during 'Clean' and so many more songs. 'Shake It Off' will forever be that song for me. Thank u so much Taylor ❤️ #6YearsOf1989
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