In case anyone needs a reminder, Colbeck:

- Put no national plan in place for COVID in aged care
- Couldn't even say whether he'd briefed Cabinet about the Royal Commission's interim report
- Did not know the number of aged care deaths in Senate hearings - not once, but TWICE
- Implemented no meaningful changes after the fatal outbreaks at Newmarch House and Dorothy Henderson Lodge
- Failed to consider how the existing failures in aged care would exacerbate the threat posed by COVID outbreaks
- Failed to provide expert infection control to facilities
- Provided incomplete and inaccurate information to providers, telling them as late as August that they only needed to prepare for a 20-30% loss of workforce, when there was clear international evidence outbreaks could decimate the workforce #auspol #agedcarerc
- Failed to make face marks compulsory in aged care until 13 July - after residents had started to die in Victorian aged care
- Spent $92 million on a failed "one worker, one workplace" scheme that the government had no way of monitoring #auspol #agedcarerc
- Refused to release heat maps of facilities with outbreaks — even confidentially to providers — until September, making it infinitely harder to providers to know whether staff working across multiple sites were putting residents at risk #auspol #agedcarerc
- Utterly failed to make any progress whatsoever on areas of urgent action identified in the Royal Commission's Interim Report, including the 100,00+ home care waitlist, widespread chemical and physical restraint, and young people with disabilities in aged care. #agedcarerc
If ANYONE needs to step up the plate and take responsibility for the overwhelming and tragic failures in aged care, IT IS HIM.

#colbeck #auspol #agedcarerc
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