Many people ask about Ghislaine Maxwell's 'TerraMar Project'.

It appears to have existed only to help her rehabilitate her image.

TerraMar was as real as Jeffrey Epstein's "billions".

Ghislaine Maxwell's real "job" was trading information.

Like daddy, like daughter.
It is important to note that Bill Clinton's "foundation" was involved in Ghislaine's pet project.

It is also worth a mention that 'TerraMar' got a seat at the United Nations.
In 2013 Scott Borgerson is listed on TerraMar's board of directors. He appeared with Maxwell at the Arctic Circle conference. And in 2014 Maxwell & Borgerson spoke at an event in Washington, DC sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations.
The Council on Foreign Relations, it should be noted, has been said to be a front for the CIA.
Members of TerraMar's blue-ribbon board included Westchester businessman & UN official Amir Dossal, "Dead Poets Society" producer Steven Haft, & Calvo-Platero, Maxwell's best friend from Oxford & Larry Coben.
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