2. Call your family to cancel Thanksgiving do to covid-19 and find out if they've voted. #VOTE #VoteEarly https://twitter.com/AriannaEditrix/status/1320947162193317889
Outside The Ballot Box: leave a thank you note for your mailman because they've put up with this crap. But then turn in your vote at a Dropbox or your local election commission. #VOTE #VoteEarly
Outside The Ballot Box: if you vote in person bring enough for you and someone else who has to stand in line. #VOTE #VoteEarly
Vote for the sake of your ancestors and your descendants. #VOTE #VoteEarly
Outside The Ballot Box: bring masks to your local homeless shelter and find out if any of them would like to go vote if you have same-day registration or if they are already registered.
#VOTE #VoteEarly
Anybody else is more than welcome to add to this thread on creative ways to get out the vote or to get out and vote.
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