Many Muslims are now thinking about war with France, and wondering about the role of nuclear weapons.

Any nuclear strike against Muslims would be a huge blessing on the ummah. No one should be deterred from jihad by the presence of these weapons.

The biggest source of our weakness is division, and if the kuffar are stupid enough to launch a nuclear strike, this would have an incredible unifying effect on the ummah.

There has been a huge propaganda campaign to convince the general masses of Muslims...

...that the mujahidin are violent, extremists, radical, and so forth. And this campaign has been extremely effective.

France's hateful attitude is now revealing to many Muslims the extreme evil which was so carefully hidden. A nuclear strike would multiply this by a million.

It would completely shatter the illusion of human rights. It would show that they are willing to murder thousands of children and poison and corrupt the earth purely for the sake of power.

They understand this as well, which is why no one actually uses these weapons.

Opposition to the use of nuclear weapons is so strong in the West, that any regime that used them would probably fall from power. It would have a divided effect on the kuffar at least as powerful as its unifying effect on the Muslims.

The power of these weapons is also greatly exaggerated. Since the end of the cold war, it has come out that some of the American researchers who popularized the idea of a "nuclear winter" that wipes out humanity were actually secret Russian agents and part of psychological...

...warfare operations. Even a large scale nuclear war would probably only lower global temperatures by a few degrees for a period of years. It would lead to reduced crop yields for a time, which would result in some famine, but this would actually impact the northern...

...hemisphere much more strongly, where the growing season is shorter. This would actually increase the advantage of the Muslims, since most Muslim lands are closer to the equator.

The bombing of urban areas is no doubt a great tragedy, but this is not something that...

...can be sustained. As with the German bombarding of London during WW2, the response is simply to disperse the population to the countryside.

This is part of the benefit of surah al-fil. The most degenerate kuffar like to threaten to drop nuclear bombs on Mecca...

...and surah al-fil reminds us that this is not the first time seemingly powerful armies with terrifying equipment have threatened to attack the Kaaba. (If you don't think war elephants are terrifying, try looking up YouTube videos of elephant rampages.)

Not a single...

...leaf falls in any forest on earth except by Allah's permission; the same applies to bombs. These are a test to our faith, to see whether we fear the creation, or fear the Creator.

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