The system by which an original minority of privileged, white slave holders could hold on to power in America is known as the Electoral College. And it continues to poison our democracy today. But change is coming. Inexorably, and resoundingly, coming. /1
Very soon, that same Electoral College math, which has handed the White House and the Supreme Court to the political descendants of that original privileged minority, will begin to turn against them, and brutally. Texas looms large. Florida is shifting. /2
Within four years, and perhaps even in 2020, Texas will join the blue state majority and forge an impenetrable electoral one, with 271 electoral college votes out the gate. The GOP knows this, and so it has scrambled to seize what it can, like a robber fleeing a home. /3
But Mitch McConnell has misjudged the political winds. For the exercise of raw political power is not reserved to him. Now we must use it to crush the remnants of this old, privileged guard. We must not hesitate to restore America to a path of equality, and majority rule. /4
Take your anger, friends, and walk it to the polls. Give to Democratic candidates up and down the ballot. Let this Blue Wave become a tsunami, and let it wash out the filthy and the muck from so many years of hypocrisy, corruption and greed. /5
I am 83 years old. I’ve seen the best and the worst this country can be. On Nov 3rd, I pray that the America I know, with all its faults and folly, will find its soul again. And on one bright morning soon to follow after, we will begin the hard work of restoration. /end
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