question thread for my moots (or anyone) to answer in qrts 🦋
how was your day!! what was your high and what was your low (if u want to share)
why did u decide to follow me?
do you know my name? do i know your name?
which character(s) do you associate me with?
name 3 things that make u happy :-)
do u like when i interact with u or would u prefer if i did it less?
when u see me on the tl what am i usually talking about?
what was ur first impression of me? current impression?
what type of bender do u think i’d be? and what type of bender would you be?
thoughts on hama?
are you excited for hama day on november 9?
what’s something we have in common?
quote this with a number i’ll shuffle my playlist and give u a song!
end of thread 💗
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