for my lgbtq and women babes, here are some things to say in case a conservative tries to snach ur rights
when i said i was bi i meant bilingual lol
when i said i was trans i meant i was transferring to ap psychology
when i said i was a woman i didnt lol
when i said i was gay i meant to say garage but it was just a typo
when i said i was lesbian i meant to say lets have beans for dinner, but it autocorrected
when i said i was a woman i mean to say “woah man” bc someone got in my way
i circled the wrong bubble when they asked for gender
whats a sexuality never heard of it
when i said my pronouns were they them its bc i absorbed my twin in the womb and dont want them to feel left out
look a penguin!!!! in america!!! *this is the part where u run*
whats gender is that like a new phone, im not that into technology
when i said i was gay i just meant i was happy (creds: @melsaphrodite )
if u have any ideas comment!!! just remember u are valid and loved, everything’s going to be okay, you are going to be okay. im here for you
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