Have we talked about what a lame attempt at insult "Sleepy Joe" is. It sounds like a nickname for a relief pitcher with a 2.3 ERA.
Sleepy Joe is the name of an "enterprising" surf shop owner who gives you side missions in GTA.
Sleepy Joe is the midnight burger special at your favorite post-club all-night diner.
Sleepy Joe is the finishing move for a Springsteen-themed pro wrestler.
Sleepy Joe is the name of a 70s male porn legend's unit.
The Ballad of Sleepy Joe dominated the 1967 Country Music Awards
At the Battle of Blair Mountain, it's said that Sleepy Joe knocked out 5 Pinkertons with nothing but a coal shovel in his hands.
A indica dominant hybrid strain of Sleepy Joe became so popular that the Reagan admin commissioned a PSA starring Bo Jackson and the Masters of the Universe.
'alright gang, if we don't win this ski competition then Todd Dickerman is gonna get his rich dad to shut down Sleepy Joe's forever.'
Francis "Sleepy Joe" Callahan ran numbers for the Westies up in Hell's Kitchen after Mickey caught a RICO case.
The Sleepy Joe, the legendary steel looping coaster so named for pulling 4Gs in its fifth inversion, ultimately invited a class action lawsuit that sent the Califunland Boardwalk into receivership.
Sleepy Joe is the name of a talking zeppelin in a Miyazaki movie.
Teddy Roosevelt secured peace between Russia and Japan by introducing both sets of emissaries to a cocktail he called the Sleepy Joe. A coffee and cognac concoction that kept the respective negotiators alert and focused but also pliable to new ideas.
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