Protect our votes! A GOP operative-turned-whistleblower says Karl Rove “once told her that election results can be manipulated...w/o undue suspicion so long as the preferred candidate is within 3% points of the targeted candidate in the final polls...’” 1/
Voters! This map shows where we at @ProtectVotes have volunteers to photograph precinct results. We hope to recruit hundreds more to cover as many precincts as we can. In some places we have only 1-2 volunteers. Pls help if u can! #PhotoFinish
Sign up: 2/
3/ Poll tapes look like this. In many places they are posted publicly outside precincts on election night. This is ostensibly meant to provide transparency. But until recently, there have been only a few small efforts to photograph them & compare the totals 2 official totals.
You can sign up to help with #PhotoFinish (photographs of poll tapes, public records requests 4 places that don’t post tapes, and/or comparing poll tapes to reported totals) here. We explain everything & have state-specific slack rooms set up. TY. 4/
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