Mississippi’s only abortion provider argues SCOTUS should deny the state’s request to hear its 15-week abortion ban.

“As this Court—& all of the courts of appeal that have considered the issue—have held, abortion bans like Mississippi’s are unconstitutional.”
Attorneys for that clinic ( @ReproRights) reject Mississippi’s claim that there is a Circuit Court split that would require SCOTUS to get involved.

Indeed, Circuit Courts have not disagreed on the constitutionality of pre-viability abortions, which is what Roe protects.
What they’ve disagreed on the extent to which states can regulate abortion, citing two recent cases “neither of which involve a ban like that at issue here,” @ReproRights says.

“Each of those regulations could conceivably be justified by a legitimate state interest...
“... so long as they do not impose a substantial obstacle in the path of people seeking pre-viability abortion care.”
Evergreen disclaimer: I’m not a lawyer.
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