Been saying it since Rs decided to rush through Barrett's confirmation

Politicians and political parties only learn lessons from pain. So if voters decide to give Dems the Senate, the Dems should expand SCOTUS to punish Moscow Mitch and his sycophants
I'm not a fan of the panel approach for a Supreme Court tbh

There's a solid case to be made that the Court should've been expanded anyway years ago though, yes
I'm a strong supporter of SCOTUS term limits. If you keep a 9-member court, make them 18 year terms so you've got a vacancy in every odd-numbered year
Nah. Do it January so there's 2 years to let any backlash settle; 2022 is a strong Dem-favorable map anyway
I'm ambivalent on expanding to 13 this one time; not a fan of tying it to circuit courts generally, because IMO we need more circuit courts. The 9th is way too big, for example
Not sure tbh. 13-year terms would lead to a backlog of even-numbered year vacancies since the Senate typically can't get its sh*t together in an election year; 26-year terms are too long IMO
The theoretical idea is applying the same senior status system used for lower court judges to SCOTUS. It's at least plausibly constitutional, but tbh I don't see it happening without an amendment
If Republicans lose the Senate next week, they're not going to be able to regain it until 2024 at the earliest

If they want to run their next presidential campaign on expanding SCOTUS even more – and people vote for that – so be it
Not a fan of panels for the top Court of a nation (or state). You end up with a mess of precedent and constant en banc review anyway
I'm on record supporting the repeal of the 17th Amendment
There's no way to enforce fidelity to the filibuster; the same "nuclear option" to get rid of it will always exist

The filibuster should be abolished and stay abolished, which would force the Congress to actually try to legislate occasionally
No. Merrick Garland is objectively terrible, I have literally no idea why Democrats are so enamored with him

And on certain issues Dems claim to care about – particularly criminal justice – Gorsuch was/is dramatically better
Certainly possible to have them die randomly, but most easily last 18 years from the date of appointment
Add that in too – many state courts have a mandatory retirement age – but it'd have to be coupled with other limitations

If you only have an age cap, they'll be nominating even more unqualified ppl just because they're young
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