@realDonaldTrump @RealJamesWoods 1. FUTURE PROVES PAST: By now, It shouldn't surprise any of us that Joe Biden aka "BIG GUY" will stop at nothing to plot his way to the top & secure deals for his son. Blast from ths past, Let's look into this article from 2014. #HandleTheScandal
💥2. The way to the top is through your daddy's connections. It doesn't matter if you're heavily addicted to drugs for years or kicked out of the military. After all, it's how ALL of these politicians offspring get into high positions. Hush, hush! #HandleTheScandal
💥3. Any normal person would be in prison with an extensive criminal record for the things Hunter has done, but....you know the thing!
BIG GUY is there to save him.
"THANKS DAD" #HandleTheScandal
💥4. Instead, let's give Hunter a gold star⭐ & a pat on the back because well, daddy will clean up the mess! Family corruption runs deep. #HandleTheScandal
💥5. Of course the Clinton's will proudly help out Hunter. 💡Let's give a "somewhat functioning" drug addict a cozy position. "CLIMB THAT LADDER FOR FREE , YOU CAN DO IT HUNTER!" #HandleTheScandal
💥6. Hunter then lobbied for drug companies, Drugs ARE his specialty. Don't worry, here comes Obama to help you out Hunter! #HandleTheScandal
💥7. The Biden's have deep ties to people going WAY back. No surprise, Joe wants his kid to get a nice slice of the pie. #HandleTheScandal
💥8. Keep it in the family BIG GUY!
Get the vacuum out and #HandleTheScandal
💥9. Acting, Lies, & Coverups are what Biden's do best. Once again, it's absolutely NO surprise Hunter was gifted yet another high position & played a major role. 🏆This years acting award goes to.... #HandleTheScandal
💥10. We now know how this story from 2014 ends up in 2020. FUTURE PROVES PAST! It's all relevant today, linking Hunters trail to his high positioned - drug induced cozy life because of Daddy, Clinton's, Obama, & daddy's high rolling pals. #HandleTheScandal
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