Should I just blast my TL with pictures of our past foster kittens through the election?
A request has been made to include the dog, so you know what we’re just going to do ALL the cute animal pictures I have.

You guys, it’s a lot.
Livia (our cat, who recently went to live with a lovely family where she can be the only pet she always wanted to be)
Livia, a mood tbh
Fridge kitty
Baby Gus! The CUTEST.
Gus Gus Gus
Gus’s full name is Augustus, which suits a cat of his magnificent presence. He’s the best cat ever, and there will be many pictures of him forthcoming.
Cute pictures for the morning! More Gus.
Gus and Livia.
Gus and Livia. (Gus is now almost twice Livia’s size.)
Our first batch of foster kittens were well and truly feral. Relatable tbh. We fostered two of them twice, and one of them three times! This one, Feisty, was the only foster Livia ever liked.
This one, Funny (with Gus, who LOVES kittens), was fostered thrice. Also I wrote a poem about him pooping on the cable box and it got published. 🤷‍♀️
Funny is the only foster kitten I regret giving up.
Then we fostered Cheese, possibly the cutest kitten ever.
Moar kittens!!!
For a while we had a big pile of black and white cats (Gus, Funny, and Zac) and it was very confusing.
I really do regret not keeping Funny.
So adorable, these two.
Foster cat Guppy was charming but Extremely Odd.
Gus liked Guppy, but then, Gus likes everyone.
I forgot to post cute pet pictures today! Here’s Maggie, my mother’s cat who we inherited.
Relatable tbh
Foster kitten Diamond was a FLOOF
Ruby had murder in her heart and I respect that
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