Building by century.

19th Century - Scale

20th Century - Leverage

21st Century - Sustainability

My thoughts below:
19th Century - Scale

The effects of the Industrial Revolution enhance mechanical tools and the availability of power.

Large scale manufacturing booms as a result.

Consolidated wealth creation and widespread job creation both increase at speeds which we had not yet seen before.
20th Century - Leverage

Information technology powers products and services that can now be compounded.

Markets stretch farther and wider than they ever have.

We're able to bridge international gaps with the click of a button and make money while we sleep.
21st Century - Sustainability

ML/AI automates jobs. Jobs w/ repeatable tasks - gone.

Creator economy arrives - results in fragmented but fulfilling, impactful careers.

Adaptability is #1 trait needed to succeed.

Building of clean energy infrastructure defines the century.
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