On February 13, 1988, the people of Artsakh rose up and staged what was at the time unthinkable in the Soviet Union. Hundreds of thousands flocked the streets of Stepanakert, demanding Artsakh’s reunification with Armenia.

The response to calls for self-determination and unification came fast and it was brutal. A week after the demonstrations began, the Soviet Azerbaijani government, began a systematic campaign of annihilation Armenians in Armenian-populated cities.
First came Sumgait, then Kirovabad and then the capital of Baku. Armenophobia is state-sponsored, that is far beyond dangerous.
Despite critical obstacles the people of Artsakh marched forward fighting one of the most brutal wars, marred by lack of military equipment and hardware, but sustained by the people’s will to persevere. Artsakh and with it the entire Armenian nation emerged victorious.
The liberation struggle still continues, despite many calls of ceasefires. Our political will has not changed and we will be victorious again!

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