An incredibly piece of LGBTQ+ activism that is almost entirely excluded from well everywhere, is that the elderly LGBTQ+ people need our help.

They have most of their lives lived in seclusion, either with a partner or not, or have now lost a partner. They are alone. And they —
Face horrible abuse and discrimination in many nursing homes and hospitals.

Many LGBTQ+ seniors are going back into the closet in order to protect themselves. This means they are dying alone in cold, unsafe nursing homes.

We need to step up and help them. —
To the younger generation of LGBTQ+ people: we need to fight for them, for their safety and to ensure that they can be who they are.

We need to create change so that when we are their age, we will be safe too.

But until we get older, they are facing these struggles now. —
Here is a trailer for the film
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