Trump’s “leave it all on the field, happy warrior” campaign strategy for the closing week is brilliant. We are wired to appreciate conspicuous effort, and we overweight whatever is happening recently.
He sponges up the news cycles, creates massive contrast to barely sentient Biden, and...
Trump’s extreme workload to entertain his supporters triggers the base to give back. Humans are wired for reciprocity. Trump works hard, so the least you can do is return the favor and vote.
Shifting to happy warrior mode, especially coming off his most “presidential” debate performance, makes the few undecideds wonder if they misjudged him.
Every time you see Trump intentionally shift his performance mode to fit the situation, he seems smarter and less scary. You start to understand why he treats dictators well — because it works — while aggressively putting America first.
Trump also takes advantage of the pattern-spotting part of your brain that believes he outworked Clinton in 2016 and something like that is happening again. And when we imagine a future, we tend to unconsciously bias our actions toward it. Meaning legendary GOP turnout.
And by legendary, I mean all signs point to millions of Trump supporters engaged in the world’s greatest dad joke. Wink wink.
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