I’m in the Cobbs Creek neighborhood of Philadelphia, where police shot a Black man less than an hour ago. Witnesses say he had a knife but was not charging police. Numerous shell casings are in the street. Neighbors are irate, crying, yelling at police.
The 27-year-old man died at the hospital, police said.
Walter Wallace Jr., 27, a twin, father, and son, was shot 10 times by police, said his father, Walter Wallace Sr.

A video shows Wallace was at least 10 ft away from the officers when began shooting. His mother begged them not to shoot. https://www.inquirer.com/news/west-philadelphia-police-shooting-locust-20201026.html
“Why didn’t they use a taser?” said his father, Walter Wallace Sr.

“His mother was trying to diffuse the situation,” he said. He said his son struggles with mental health issues and is on medication.

“He has mental issues. Why you have to gun him down?”
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