— when to use tone tags; a thread by a neurodivergent person
DISCLAIMER: before i start i just want to say that not every neurodivergent person may think the same !! this thread is based after my own & my neurodivergent friends' thoughts
/j & /hj (joking & half-joking)
these should be used when the joke you are making is not obvious or could come across as serious. /hj should be used when the joke is a joke but also partially true.
for ex. "i hate cishets /hj"
/srs & /gen (serious & genuine question)
these should be used when you're indicating that you mean what you are saying or want to show that it isn't a joke.
for ex. "i'm crying /srs" & "why is this offensive /gen"
it also can help to show you aren't being rude
/pos & /neg (positive & negative connotation)
these don't need to be used very often, but should be used when it isn't obvious what you are saying is supposed to be taken negatively or positively.
for ex. "IM SOBBING /pos" or "why do you guys keep ___ /neg"
/nm & /lh (not mad & lighthearted)
these should be used to show that you aren't actually being mean/aren't mad at someone.
for ex. "please don't do it again /nm" or "shut up /lh"
i hope this helped a bit !! i only went over the ones i see misused alot and wanted to help give people more clarification. i'm not the best at wording things so sorry if the wording is a bit confusing but basically tone tags arent needed for everything you say +
+ if the intent is obvious (replying w a joke to a joke tweet), you probably don't need tone tags. and if you are interacting w someone who doesn't need them, u don't need to use them. if you are ever confused u can dm people directly since every person is different !!
also sometimes tonetags can make us feel dumb if you overuse them so !! just try to use them if you think what you are saying has any chance of coming across the wrong way
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