Igh ion be doing this thread shi so I was told to talk like I got sum sense so that's what imma do
Igh so this was like a week ago I was on my phone chilling so we heard niggas shootin it was like the next block so we went to where it was and it was do opps so we
went to the damn trap and niggas was bold enough to pull up so they brought they girl and shawty was a lil baddie she was a lightskin I really like darkskins they pussy hit but she was looking at me and shi
so I was like what damn and he was like nigga wtf you talking to my girl so I said nigga she want my dick so he said she wouldn't fuck you my nigga so I said that's a bet
while the nigga was standing there I told her to come here but she looked at him and I said he ain gon do shi now come here so she came
and she grabbed my hand and we went in the bathroom cause niggas be fucking in dem trap beds and ian finna be laying on no old nut so she sucked a nigga dick it was sloppy to she had my throat babies
den I bent her over the damn sink and gave her this dick hadda screaming my name ya dig we went fa bout 2 hours
and her nigga was mad cause I fucked her shi up so I carried her to the car cause the baby couldn't walk her shi was wet Ian gon lie and wen I put her in the car
she was like I love you I said aw hell nawl cause ik the dick was good but shi you love me already
Mots:idgaf I'll fuck ya girl so watch out😈
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