It's #AceAwarenessWeek! It's a good time to reiterate that I am asexual AF. Or, asexual as not f*ck. Asexual ANF. Yeah, that's me.
There are lots of kinds of asexual people. There's gray ace. There are people who don't feel sexual attraction but still are interested in sex. Then there's me, who is pretty sure sexuality is a hoax y'all stop pretending is real the second I leave the room.
Asexuality and aromanticism often get bundled together. Heck, I'm both! But many people aren't. As you educate yourselves about these concepts, it's important to accept that different people come with different but equally valid queerness.
What would I like out of greater awareness?

For our systems to let people other than biological family and spouses do things like visit you in the hospital. I'd rather have @MarissaLingen there than most of my blood relatives.
Also I'd like allo people to learn the word "allo"! The opposite of "asexual" is not "normal." You're allosexual and/or alloromantic. There's a word for what you are because what you are is *a thing* in the same way what I am is *a thing*.
I hope your orientation is great for you. Mine is pretty darned great for me. Our goals as adults should be to understand and help lift each other up.

Otherwise you can go f*ck yourself.

Because I won't. Because I'm asexual ANF.
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