Biden was talking to comedian George Lopez for a Latino turnout event. This tweet is fraudulent misinformation put out by the Trump campaign to mislead their own followers. It's pathetic and sad.
Here is the full video with George Lopez, where you can see this for yourself:
The Trump campaign has literally no substantive response to Biden. All they have left now are 30-second video clips they've deceptively edited to misrepresent Biden as a dementia-addled vegetable. That's all they've got. They think you're stupid and easily misled.
What's makes this truly pathetic is that the entire "Biden can't talk" line has completely blown up in the Trump campaign's face since the DNC and the debates, where Biden did just fine. But they just have nothing else, so they keep going through the motions anyway. It's sad.
Here's the thing: None of this stuff actually matters. Few voters care about these dumb Twitter beefs over Biden videos. They are not voting on Twitter beefs. They are voting on the virus, the economy, healthcare, and presidential temperament. Twitter is a distraction from that.
The Trump campaign's obsession with niche Twitter feuds and trollish posting is one of the reasons it is so disconnected from the American electorate and unable to reach them. Biden, meanwhile, who probably doesn't even know how to use Twitter, doesn't have this problem.
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