I'm doing a lot of things to get extra income bcs I already took more than 1k paycuts after resigning from previous firm, drained my 3 months emergency saving for 6 months PKP, losing opportunities in lots of offers due to covid freezing..
I was at the end of my money, i took initiative to open my kedai makan straightaway when PKPB started after raya. Thanks to my mom for supporting. She also happy bcs she was making money also thru my biz n can buy many things she want.
But still i look for jobs, sbb ye la orang tua kan dia nak anak dia kerja stabil. So alhamdulillah dapat kerja at a small firm. So happy w the colleagues. But still consistently applying for jobs for better income, but never get any response. Maybe my rezki is blocked somewhere
Still struggling to manage my life currently. Even i wasnt really affected badly by covid crisis, maybe bcs i had emergency and buffer saving. Just the plan didnt go well. Kita merancang, Allah menentukan.
Regretted some life decisions that i made. Which impacted quite differently for my life. But i always believe Allah is the best planner. So i just keep going forward. Accepting my mistakes from the past. Forgiving myself is crucial.
Dulu, i spend atleast RM30 daily for foods. Now only RM150 max for the whole months and still alive. I think Allah wanna show me how to be grateful.
So ke mana hala tuju tweet ini? Aku pun tak tahu. Saja nak rekod memori aku sementara tgh terfikir. At the end of the day, i'll do anything just to survive and to take care of me and my love ones.
Dulu every weekend ride ngn motor. Setiap hujung selangor sampai. Pahang, Melaka, NS, semua sampai. Skrg mmg keluar gi opis je. Tu pun bawak slow2 sbb nak jimat minyak pdhal minyak murah je skrg đŸ€ŁđŸ€ŁđŸ€Ł sekali jatuh motor, hancur belakang. Abis gitu je yg jimat2 tu 😂😂😂
Emosi pun tak stabil beb sejak kena PKP. Nampak happy je cuci kebun, tanam pisang, nenas, betik, ubi kayu, dll. Tp dlm kepala duk pikir, whats gonna happen in next few months. Tbh, mmg mental koyak. Sampai org2 rapat pun terkesan. Maafkan sy.
Apa2 pun kita syukur. At least dapat kerja baru. Orang lain lebih teruk keadaannya. Cuma skrg tak berapa mampu nak membantu. Dulu byk turun padang abiskan duit utk orang, skrg utk diri sdiri pun cukup2 je. So boleh bagi pun ckit2 je..
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