Hi friends! It's finally time. The most important election in our lifetime!

Here are my recommendations for the November 3, 2020 general election.

FYI I am a progressive, and I vote as such. If you live in SLFD/Oakland Co/MI, I URGE you to support these folks:

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President and VP- Elect Biden/Harris!

@JoeBiden & @KamalaHarris will end the nightmare that has been Donald Trump. They will get the pandemic under control and fix our economic crisis. They will fight for racial, social, environmental, and economic justice!
Please. For the love of God. For the love of all that is good in this world. Vote Biden/Harris!

Let me make this clear: if you vote to re-elect Donald Trump, shame on you.

(And honestly, fuck you.)
U.S. Senator- Re-elect @GaryPeters!

My former boss deserves another term. Sen. Peters helped lead on criminal justice reform and is a proven leader for Michigan! He’s also a nice and compassionate man (who is surprisingly funny lol).

John James wants to get rid of the ACA!
U.S. Representative (14th District)- Re-elect @BrendaLLawrence!

Congresswoman Lawrence is a leading progressive in Congress and has fought for Southfield for decades. Voting to re-elect my good sis is a no brainer!
Michigan House Representative (35th District)- Re-elect @KyraHBolden!

State Rep. Bolden has proven to be a leader who is well-connected to her community. She has her ear to the ground of this community and is incredibly accessible to her constituents.
State Boards: my recommendation is to vote DEMOCRATIC for state boards.

State Board of Ed- vote Dem: Lipton, Strayhorn

U-M Regents- vote Dem: Bernstein, Ryder Diggs

MSU Trustees- vote Dem: Mosallam, Vassar

Wayne State Governors- vote Dem: Garza Dewaelsche, Stancato
Oakland County Executive- Elect David Coulter!

Dave Coulter has been county executive since 2019 and has guided our county through this pandemic. Dave has the vision and experience to continue to make Oakland County a more just, equitable, and prosperous community.
Oakland Co Prosecutor- Elect Karen McDonald!

@kdmcdonald2020 is the leadership that Oakland Co deserves. She wants to establish mental health courts, eliminate cash bail, and cease the prosecution of marijuana possession cases.

It’s time for some damn criminal justice reform!
Oakland County Sheriff- Elect Vincent Gregory!

Vincent Gregory has the best experience and most connection to the community. As a former state lawmaker, Vincent Gregory listens to his constituents and changes course when needed.
As a side note: I believe we need to #DefundThePolice.

Police are not trained to be social workers, so why are they positioned to be that way in our society? Funds need to be redirected to social services, like mental health, food programs, affordable housing, and more.
Oakland County Clerk- Re-elect Lisa Brown!

Oakland County Treasurer- Elect Robert Wittenberg!!

Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner- Re-elect Jim Nash!

Oakland County Commissioner (17th District)- Elect Yolanda S. Charles!
Judges!!! (These are often slept on, but extremely powerful positions. They say these are non-partisan, but trust and believe, these are political positions. We need to start acting like it.)

Michigan Supreme Court Justice- Elect Bridget Mary McCormack and Elizabeth Welch!
Recently the MI Supreme Court STRUCK DOWN Gov. Whitmer’s executive order regarding her pandemic response plan. This is a nakedly partisan and dangerous decision. The court is currently 4-3 conservative. If Welch & McCormack are elected, we’ll have a 4-3 liberal majority!!
Most of the Circuit, Probate, District Court, etc. nominees are either running unopposed or you’re allowed to vote as many people as are running. So vote for all or vote for none! It do not matter. Except for…

Judge of 6th Circuit Court (Dass vs. Savin)- Elect Lorie Savin!
OCC Trustee- Elect Dandridge Floyd and John Tolbert!

Southfield Public Schools Board Member- Elect Betty Carlton Robinson and Amani Johnson!

Proud to vote for my friend, @AmaniDevon!
Proposals! YES ON ALL PROPS!

Prop 1: State Parks Endowment Fund- YES!

Allow money from fracking on state-owned land to be spent on the environment

If they’re going to allow fracking (which is terrible for the environment), the revenue should at least go to repairing some harm
Prop 2: Require Electronic Search Warrant- YES!

Require a search warrant to access a person’s electronic data or electronic communications.

Yes, to stronger civil liberties protections!


Oakland County Proposal: Park Mileage- YES!
Southfield City Proposal: Primary Elections Reinstatement- YES!

Yes to more primaries! Yes to more democracy!
A RECAP (part 1):

POTUS: Biden/Harris
Senate: Peters
US Rep: Lawrence
State Rep: Harris Bolden
State Boards: DEMOCRATS
Co Exec: Coulter
Co Prosecutor: McDonald
Co Sheriff: Gregory
Co Clerk: Brown
County Treasurer: Wittenberg
Water Commissioner: Nash
A RECAP (part 2):

County Commissioner: Charles
MI Supreme Court: McCormack and Welch
6th Circuit Court: Savin
OCC Trustee: Floyd and Tolbert
SPS Board: Robinson and Johnson
YES on all proposals!
On November 3, education is on the ballot. Healthcare is on the ballot. Racial justice is on the ballot. Women's rights are on the ballot. LGBTQ+ protections are on the ballot. DEMOCRACY is on the ballot. VOTE LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. Because it does.

That’s all folks!
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