I am bored of keeping tweeting about this but: my house is always full of food, full of treats, full of snacks and crisps and baking, and also so much of every sort of storecupboard ingredient, and it’s not really because I have money now, it’s because I once didn’t have money
People who grow up poor often have a weird attitude to money & food, half “buy all the treats I never had! Spend the extra money on the posh lunch while you can! own brand cereal reminds me of the bad times!”, half “I must have a cupboard full of tins at all times JUST IN CASE”
But I was thinking about this when seeing more moralising people talking about how to cut food costs & also the chat about what is “essential” food in supermarkets in lockdown, and I’m just really resistant to the idea of policing people’s treats and luxuries, whatever they are.
to be fair my house is also full of food because my mum is half german/polish so I am constantly terrified of undercatering, IMAGINE someone arriving at your house and not having 3-5 snacks to offer them immediately and a full meal with pudding, I would die of shame
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