TO ALL THE PARENTS ON THE CORNER I JUST SAW, waiting - without masks - with their kids - wearing masks - on the way to schools that should not be open:

Nobody will care you felt this way.
Nobody will care that you were under the sway of someone else's propaganda when that other kid's mother is gasping in the parking lot of the hospital at Christmas, hoping for an ICU bed to be open.
Nobody will care that you thought "Let Them Play," the exhortation to place middle school sports ahead of your neighbors survival, was more important that public health experts.
Your child will not care that you were "told" COVID was overblown when they watch their mother - AT THAT BUS STOP THIS MORNING, HEALTHY - die over a Zoom conference in two months.
When hospitals are rationing care in a few weeks, triaging our potentially-savable neighbors from the soon-to-be-dead, nobody will care that you didn't think COVID was "that big a deal" this morning.
To all the parents I just saw maskless among the neighborhoods kids as if a virus discriminates: nobody will care you thought this simple act was beneath you.

Especially not the six feet of dirt above you.
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