Every single time @KamalaHarris is criticized, people run to their megaphones to scream "RACISM!"

Don't you guys feel gross doing that? Because you are. It's gross. Imagine the people who experienced the ugliness of REAL racism seeing how you're trivializing and cheapening it.
No one wants to think about that though. You just know that screaming "racism" is effective emotional blackmail and few can call you on it. Who cares if you drown out the real racism and dilute the meaning of the word. Crying wolf gives you power and that's all that matters.
It's disgusting how you harness race and the emotional power behind it to use it as a weapon. The irony of it is that it is the same kind of tactic that led to the atrocities of the past that you love to perpetually complain about.
Who is helped (other than yourself) by erroneous claims of racism? If you are constantly wrongly accusing people of racism, whose life has improved? How has society improved?

It hasn't. You've made it exponentially worse, drove unnecessary division, and made the word meaningless
You have lied about racism so much and so often that it will be hard for people to believe you when the wolf actually shows up for real.

You should feel gross. Because you are.

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