📢 Calling on all startups with solutions to build smart sustainable cities!

The deadline for the ICMG Aichi Smart Sustainable City Co-Creation Challenge has been extended to 6 Nov, 2020. Don’t miss it and don’t forget to select “Introduced by e27” on the form when signing up 🚀
Find out more about the different challenges in this #thread 😉

Challenge 1 – Develop solutions to digitalise manufacturing and reduce work fatigue 👩🏻‍💻 https://bit.ly/3jvGoRc 
Challenge 2 – Build a new mobility ecosystem 🚗💨 https://bit.ly/3dYgCUD 
Challenge 3 – Create a better, more connected way of living 🤝 https://bit.ly/3mn6g3l 
Challenge 4 – Transform travel experience through smart sustainable airports ✈️🌏 https://bit.ly/2HCRfM5 
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