Remainers seem to be having a colossal tantrum at the moment. So let's remind of a few facts.

• Blair, Starmer, Grayling, Bearder etc briefed EU officials on how to force the UK to stay in the EU and give poor trade terms
• Remainers had control of the Commons 2015-2019
Key Remainers in the mainstream parties openly lied to get reelected in an effort to disrupt Brexit (Soubry etc...)
• Said Remainers tried to put into place hurdles to stop Brexit in a sequence of anti-democratic internal votes and lawsuits against the Government
• Remainers then further went on to denigrate Brexit voters dismissing them as "racist", "fascist" and "backward". Regardless of this Brexiteers kept calm and continued to follow democratic processes
• When this didn't work. Remainers stepped up their effort to undermine the UK
• Let's not forget for one second that these Remainers have spent the last 4 years celebrating the deaths of elderly Brexit suppporters
• With Brexit looking likely to be fully completed Remainers are now using the Corona Crisis to demand that the UK stay within the EU
• The Remainer Press continue to post articles and talk down the UK's negotiating capacity and completed negotiations
• Remainers have also been actively encouraging businesses in the UK to leave as punishment for Brexit whilst ignoring job losses as a result of EU membership
• Remainers have also been counting ALL JOBS LOST as being a result of Brexit
• Remainers have also sneered at the importance of key coastal fishing communities as being an unimportant component of our national GDP

Today we have the latest tantrum blaming everything on a Government and Brexiteers that have only been in charge for 11 months, 8 of which have been under the dark clouds of a international deadly pandemic. Something the same Remainers haven't hesitated to use to their benefit.
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