It is 8 days of the final stretch. Let's look a bit at where this race stands, from a few of the key players.

Trump? His campaign is broke. He's CANCELING already-booked TV ad buys in many states. They incur canceling fees. Trump is NOT moving that TV money to another state..
Instead of attempting to match TV ads to Biden (vital for re-election) Trump is taking expensive trips to rallies. These are arranged at a moment's notice - meaning EXTRA COSTS of last-minute arrangements. This is BAD MANAGEMENT of a campaign that is out of money
And can they work? Trump is focusing on the WRONG audiences. Magarallies only attract magahatters. 80% male, 95% white. Trump needs women & minorities. Take ANY audience view not behind Trump's stage & count. 80% male, 95% white. Maganutters. His rallies are WRONG
Trump is not doing rallies to WIN an election. Trump is wasting his money on 3 rallies per day, to cling to his ego massage, have that Magarally chant 'Mexico will pay' and 'Lock them up'. Trump is DESTROYING what little funds are left in his campaign - and Republicans KNOW this
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