1. My dear son, this is my seventh and final letter to you on Nigeria. I hope I’ve stirred your consciousness. #NigeriaNotes
2. Given the incredible resources of the country, Nigeria ought to be great. I’m not talking about natural resources, I’m talking about the human resources. #NigeriaNotes
3. Our youths should never have visa problems, they should be in high demand, recruited before we’ve finished minting them. #NigeriaNotes
4. There’s something about the average Nigerian. It might have been barstardized by environmental context, but the spirt of the Nigerian is a can-do spirit. #NigeriaNotes
5. A Nigerian landing in England for the first time will attempt to give a British man direction to Buckingham Palace. He has the confidence of ignorance. #NigeriaNotes
6. He’s up for any task. Nothing fazes him. Your generation has turned that spirit into a verb. Your parents’ generation only knew it as a putative noun. #NigeriaNotes
7. The easiest illustration of the effect of environmental factors is how Nigerians struggling with existential realities at home excel incredibly abroad. #NigeriaNotes
8. They’re exemplary in their fields - from commerce, to space science, to arts, to politics, to technology, to medicine, to finance, to legal… Name it, there’s a Nigerian. The only difference between them and those struggling at home is home. #NigeriaNotes
9. We have a culture of carnage. We hollow out the dreams of our sons and daughters. It’s how we conduct mass burial. #NigeriaNotes
10. What is killing our youths, all of us, is our politics. No matter the brilliance of your policy, politics will determine execution. Politics is acquisition of power. #NigeriaNotes
11. But power is agnostic. You can either use it to do enormous good, or you can use it to destroy lives. Politics triumphs over policy. #NigeriaNotes
12. The people we put in government determine our destiny. Government is deterministic. Get into government if you don’t want to have fond but disappointed recollections of this struggle twenty, thirty years from now. #NigeriaNotes
13. Don’t make the mistake of your parents. They got into administration, abandoning politics to the rough and hewn, who of course made it in their crude image. The barrier to entry is now cultural, and their refinement negates that. #NigeriaNotes
14. The system is stacked against you as it were. Perhaps your most important priority therefore is changing the rules of engagement to give you leeway into power. #NigeriaNotes
15. From that position you can leverage your considerable talents to implement sound management science. Push for electoral reform as a first line item. #NigeriaNotes
16. What future do you see for Nigeria? Define it. Come up with a hoary vision, the type deemed impossible. You have your life work cut out. Execute with the fierceness of youth. #NigeriaNotes
17. Be focused. All roads must lead to the future. In your lifetime Nigeria must arrive in the 22nd century. #NigeriaNotes
18. Set high standards. Enough of the spirit of mediocrity. Don’t buy into the spirit of gradualism. It will whittle your resolve. Be in a hurry, cut to the chase, use your creativity, cut a path to the future. #NigeriaNotes
19. Are you going to have Judases in your midst? Of course! The law of probability dictates it. Will there be sell-outs? There will be. But woe unto them. Bring societal recrimination to bear on them. It’s a regulatory agency. #NigeriaNotes
20. The purity of the spirit of your movement must be maintained. It’s why it has to be a consciousness, not an agitation. #NigeriaNotes
21. I will always be available to you. That’s what fathers do. But I’m proud of you son, you and your sister! #NigeriaNotes
22. Create your future. #NigeriaNotes
23. Your Dad, LA. #NigeriaNotes
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