Today is the martyrdom of #BrigadierRajendraSingh, a name no Indian should ever forget. The Chief of Staff of Kashmir Forces, he took field to stop the Pakistani invaders from overwhelming his country. With 150 troops he blocked the whole Uri Front for three days and
gave enough time for reinforcements to stabilize the situation. India's first Mahavir Chakra, the bare minimum India should have done is to build a grand memorial for him in Boniyar where he fell and erect a statue for him in Uri. Every single name out of that 150 and
and from similar engagements at Muzaffarabad, Baramulla, Skardu etc - every single name should be remembered. The effort They put is simply superhuman - 150 holding 10000 or 30 holding 6000 or 5 people holding a garrison for a whole day is not something you come across daily.
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