Rally for @realDonaldTrump in Beverley Hills.

Rodeo Drive will be closed on Halloween and on election day and November 4.


The city will go on tactical alert AND hire 80 armed security contractors.

If you watch the Trump rally videos, the store owners COME OUT AND WATCH THE MARCHES.


Because they KNOW that conservatives aren't violent.
Leftism and the Democrat ideology are now synonymous with every form of violence there is.

The only fascists are the people accusing conservatives of fascism.

That's because fascism itself is leftist.
Centralized government, command economy, collectivism, social engineering, suppression of dissent, censorship, secret police, enforced conformity, lack of civil rights, obsession with race, anti-religion, strict societal control, arbitrary application of the law.
Conservatism is individualism, freedom, federalization, least amount of governmental control, free-market capitalism, free press, the rule of law, free speech, freedom of religion.
Fascists are angry and humorless.

Conservatives are happy and zany.

We know that the polls in 2016 were wrong.

The VISIBLE enthusiasm for Trump this time around is FAR GREATER than in 2016, but the polls have Biden 14 points ahead.

In other words, Biden is outperforming Hillary by 350 PERCENT.
Is there ANY evidence of this?

The press is gushing about theDemocrat early voting, but they don't know who whom these people are voting.

It's not possible to find the percentage of registered Democrats who voted for Trump in 2016.
Now, a hell of a lot more people are voting in this election than in 2016.

I think we can all agree that Trump is going to get more than 5 percent of the Democrats who voted.

And he's going to get far more REPUBLICANS in raw numbers and as a percentage.
He's going to do much better across the board than he did in 2016.

But according to the polls, Biden is going to outperform Hillary by 350 percent.

Again, is there ANY evidence of this?

Two things to remember:
Who but TRUMP SUPPORTERS would be afraid to share their political views?

That means Trump gets at least 62 percent of the vote.
IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC as well as economic and social turmoil.

The mainstream press said that those people are WRONG, and they AREN'T better off now.

Kind of like @chelseahandler telling black Americans that they aren't "allowed" to vote for Trump.
When institutions are rotten to the core, they collapse.

This is the last banzai charge, so pollsters don't give a damn.

It's all hands on deck. The Democrats, the press, pundits, and social media are all lying like little kids to try and stop Trump.

The daily October surprises will increase in number and frequency.

MOST Biden voters have already voted.

The Republicans have a MASSIVE reserve who will vote on election day.

It'll be at least 75 percent of GOP voters.
If I saw ANY evidence that Biden is ahead, I'd wonder if the country had decided to cut its own throat.

But I see none.

And that's why I'm not worried.

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