1. It is generally accepted that Sri Madhwacharya composed at least 37 works - these are known as the Sarvamoola Granthas. What is amazing about these 37 is the breadth of areas/styles that they spawn.
2. True to the tradition of a Vedantic philosopher, he has written commentaries on the Brahmasutras, Upanishads and the Bhagavadgita. In addition he has written commentaries on the Mahabharata and Bhagavata
3. He has written a work known as Tantra Sara Sangraha which is a book on mantras, temple consecration and worship. He has written a book called Jayanti Nirnaya which touches upon astronomy and astrology.
4. He has written a book called Kathalakshana which is a prakarana grantha and provides guidance on how to conduct and participate in a debate.
5. He has also written a series of 12 stotras in praise of Sri Hari. These are collectively called as Dwadasha Stotras and are regularly sung in Madhwa mathas and households. A beautiful rendition is here...
6. The third stotra in this series is an example of the brilliance of our Acharya. It is an ashtaka - a stotra that contains 8 (main) shlokas. It is composed as an eulogy of Sri Hari. BUT at the same time it gives out the tenets of his philosophy!!!
7. In the remaining tweets of this thread, I will post the sanskrit shlokas one by one and a rudimentary translation of the same.
9. Do that Karma which is appropriate and correct (for your Varna). Experience the results of such Karma performed. Stay firmly at the feet of Lord Hari with utmost humility. Lord Hari is the Supreme One. Lord Hari is the Guru for all. Lord Hari is the father, mother & final goal
11. There is nothing which is superior to Him, who is the best amongst all & higher than even Lakshmi, who in turn is higher than Brahma & others. Therefore, enough of your engrossed thought about this material world. Engage your mind at the feet of the all-controlling Lord
13. If one even attempts to think of the feet of Lord Hari, all the sins of such a person are instantly destroyed. The one who actually thinks (meditates) surely obtains the supreme position of Mukti. Why should one give up thinking of Him?
15. Listen to those words spoken (by Lord Veda Vyasa) through an oath and with raised hands – “There is none greater than Hari; There is none equal to Hari; He alone is above and superior to all the sentient beings”
17. If Lord Hari was not the Supreme Being in this Universe, how come the Universe is under His control? If everything was not under His control (and consequently under our control), how come one does not have sustained (unlimited, continuous) happiness?
19. Karma, ignorance, desire-hatred, time, sattva-rajas-tamas, nature of souls & others are not responsible for this Universe. All those are insentient. The Vedas proclaim that this entire Universe consisting of sentient & insentient elements is under the control of Lord Hari!!
21. It is not the opinion of the teacher of the world, Lord Veda Vyasa, that the difference between souls and Paramatma is merely transactional....contd.....
22. .... Lord Hari Himself (Vyasa), in the (Maha)Bharata has replied to the question (of Janamejaya) “Are Purushas many? or one?” by saying “Sentient beings are many. Lord Hari is the best amongst them”
24. Lord Brahma & other liberated souls, just like how they were distinct and placed in order of hierarchy from the Paramatma before liberation, are distinct & enjoy bliss according to their placement in the hierarchical order, even after Mukti...contd...
25. ... There exists excellent Pramanas to vouch for this fact!
27. Composed by Anandatirtha, the one who has the name of Purna Prajna, these eight shlokas praising Lord Hari, if chanted by one with devotion, will surely bring the affection (grace) of Lord Hari
28. Thus, in this short stotra, Srimadanandatirtha highlights the role of Karma in obtaining mukti, the difference between Eesha, Jeeva and Jada, the role of Bhakti, his Swantantratva, Jeevas' dependency, taratamya, difference even after Mukti.
29. Sri Krishnarpanamastu
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