Gather around, children, to hear the tale of how I had the police called on me this afternoon by Trump supporters for dancing on a street corner wearing a Biden/Harris shirt! [THREAD]
This afternoon, my @StonewallDemsLA colleague @jonathanbwelch and I settled in on a Starbucks outdoor patio and spent a few hours making calls to Florida for Joe Biden. As we we wrapped up, we noticed a man on the corner across the street waving a Trump/Pence sign to passersby.
I just so happened to be wearing my Biden/Harris shirt, and not wanting to let a golden moment pass me by, I jotted down a quick sign reading “I just made 200 calls for Joe Biden while this dude stood here” and darted across the street to join the gentleman on the corner.
This was well received by the folks driving by, who started cheering and honking for me, giving me the raised fist, and some yelling a few unsavory words about Donald Trump. I danced, I shimmied, and yes I even twerked a little bit. Exhibit A:
Then, a man and his wife, Trump supporters approached, and chastised me for “harassing” the Trump supporter. “He’s just exercising his free speech!” They yelled. “So am I,” I replied, mid-twerk. A couple of teens, people of color, joined me, and started chanting “Biden 2020!”
“You’re so angry,” the woman sneered, seething. “You’re hateful liberals!” The teens started to say that Trump was a racist, but the woman just shouted over them, her lips snarled, repeating over and over again “GOD BLESS YOU!” with a truly hateful look cracked across her face.
The couple retreated to their car, video taping me and the black teens who were with me in solidarity. A few minutes later, the police arrived. The couple started to accuse us of harassing the Trump supporter, that we were bullying him and LAYING OUR HANDS ON HIM. I just kept
dancing, and it was pretty evident that nothing violent was going on. “Everything ok here?” they asked, to which I responded with a thumbs up. The cops just shrugged, lingered for a bit and drove off. I wondered what would have happened to those black kids had I not been there.
The couple was infuriated by this, and drove off, shouting out the window “GOD BLESS YOU” as they left. Eventually, the guy with the Trump sign tired out and left, and I was hell bent on outlasting him, so I relished in that victory. But probably the most important part of this:
As I left, I asked the kids how old they were.
“13,” they replied.
“Well listen up,” I said, and gathered them around. “You guys are amazing, and you are standing up for what you believe in, and you can change the world. But I want you to remember, it’s not enough to confront...
injustice when you see it. You have to actually vote, as soon as you can, and vote everytime. People like this will always exist, but it’s through our vote that we can ensure they never take power again. Ok?”
They looked me in the eyes and replied, proudly, “yes sir.” {THE END}
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