so i was doing my hw in my room then my mom called me
so i went downstairs & saw khamari & his mom downstairs
(km=khamari's mom)
km:hey dejah it's been so long you look so beautiful *hugs me*
me:thank you🥰
then i turned around and stared at khamari. he looks so different but like a good different
k:so you just gon stand here & stare or you gon give me a hug?
so we went in for a hug & it was a good long hug like i really missed him
k:i missed you sm
me:missed you more
km:they are so cute🥺ik y'all was gon miss each other
so we got done hugging & my mom told me to take him upstairs to my room so we can catch up while her and khamari's mom talk
so we got into my room and he's just walking around and looking at my stuff on my dresser so he sat down and we talking and he was looking at my wrist
k:damn you still got that bracelet i made for you in elementary
me:hy i like it
m:dejah come downstairs we need to tell y'all
so me & khamari went downstairs
m:we got a surprise for y'all
me:ok what is it
m:ok so since khamari & his mom are back in town they were supposed to move into the house down by the
cul-de-sac but they are still working on the house so they gon be-
living with us
m:dejah go help khamari get their bags out the car
so we get the bags and they unpack & khamari & his mom are sleeping in separate rooms. so before i go to bed khamari came in to say gn to me
k:goodnight dejah
me:gn khamari
k:also can you show me around the school tmr since we goin to the same school
me:yea fasho
k:ight gn best
also i forgot..backstory: so basically me & khamari been bsfs since birth & in 8th grade him and his mom moved to louisiana bc of family issues but now they moved back here in atl
ff to the next day...
part 2?
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