After a half-decade covering extremists and disinfo pipelines, this is the week the effects of this job really got to me.

The anonymous people want me dead, the named are desperate for me to fail.

Just going to keep going. No other way.
I really should’ve predicted this would be the week i started to feel it.

It’s a week before the election. The people who pushed Pizzagate are on TV now, their millions of followers going after a new target.

I remember them from the first time around. Not great news for them.
Disinfo pipelines are crumbling. They’re having a harder time on Facebook. They can’t manipulate mainstream media as well now.

It’s angrier and more vengeance-filled than before since they can see their flirtation with real power maybe ending.
This is all really bad news from people on this beat, constant targets for years who are now covering desperate people who dogwhistle extremists.

But, again, I’m not gonna stop now. Just going to work even harder.
Anyways, here’s the funny part: they can’t help but admit we’re good at this.

And, for once, despite what they try to do to us, they’re right: we’re not going away.
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