They'd rather burn Twitter to the ground than see it help people express their ideas freely. They're going to get their wish, and not even the Navals of their world will speak up to defend their indefensible, suicidal and irrational behaviour. INSANITY!
Everyone can see that censoring peoples thought is immoral, unethical, anti-American and just plain wrong. Even the Naval class can see it; they know that the future is coming and the principles of Liberty for millions of people is more important that your hurt feelings and hate.
Responsible people who know what it means to be a servant can put aside their personal feelings for the good of the project or the company, and allow clients to say what they want, rather than try to exert control over their fellow citizens. That's what a real American would do.
Shareholders in any company seeing the CEO recklessly and shortsightedly endangering their investment should call an emergency shareholder's meeting to oust the executives acting against the best interests of the company they own. Their money is literally at stake.
Imagine a CEO who understands his responsibility, both to his fellow Americans and to his shareholders in the environment as it is today. By taking a stance that is pro user, pro democracy, pro free speech and pro America this imaginary CEO would be hailed as a hero world-wide.
By standing out from the crowd, taking a stand for American values, freedom of speech and the rights of users, that CEO would very probably receive a Nobel Peace Prize and a Medal of Freedom for services rendered to America under great duress. And he would deserve it.
Such a man would have run his company by principle, not run it into the ground. He would be a shining example of what it means to be an American; an individualist, a pioneer, and would be heralded like Steve Jobs, Edison and many great figures from history. He would be the hero.
His example would be taught in schools. His decisions would be analysed and written into MBA courses as examples of how to run a company as CEO. Instead, what is going to happen? Humiliation, utter defeat, the cause of bad legislation, held up as a bad example forever. SO SAD.
And the company, built from a pad of paper to one of the most important tools the world has ever seen? Broken up, share price destroyed, influence diminished by competition; an object lesson on failure, how NOT to be an American, and the consequences of hubris and total delusion.
It's a very sad story.
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