There are many who support universal child care in principle, but are wary of the cost. I understand that.

But I remind those people that there is significant evidence to show that investing in early childhood education produces an extraordinary return on investment. #ableg
Using just the work of esteemed economist Pierre Fortin who studied the Quebec economic outcomes, universal affordable childcare would result in getting 40,000 Albertans back to work & grow our economy by $6 billion. #ableg
How does it do that? It allows working parents to go back to work, increase their hours of work, or pursue training for new work. This means growing the tax base & more disposable income right here in our local economy. #ableg
It also saves us money because it decreases the amount spent on educational & health supports to children later in life. It also means children are more ready for school & have better learning outcomes. #ableg
It is a guaranteed return on investment as an economic strategy. Compare this to the discredited & risky gamble of giving away billions to corporations in tax cuts which are not creating jobs or attracting investment. #ableg
I am a taxpayer. I want my tax dollars to be invested wisely. Universal affordable quality early childhood education is the wisest economic strategy we can implement. It more than pays for itself. This is why we should get behind it not just in principle, but in action. #ableg
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