Thread on preparing for potential local violence on Election Day. The purpose of this is to tell you all what to expect in days ahead; sometimes we are not transparent enough on planning and preparedness and what it looks like. This may be long. But hopefully helpful. 1/
There are three domestic based threats for in person voting on November 3rd: vote suppression, the pandemic, and threats or fears of violence (which is intended to suppress). Then there are foreign threats. All a headache and mess, yes. Each different in terms of preparation.2/
I realize how little those in public safety or public officials (or those who advise them) are disclosing the basic planning efforts going on. That's a shame because it is leading to unnecessary panic or may lead to panic when the plans are put in place. 3/
But, first: every time I write one of these a bunch of folks decide that somehow I'm naive about where this country is and not aware of how insane it is we have to plan for this. For the record, I am not naive; this is insane. But it is reality. So that's the world we live in. 4/
But the threat of violence also has the risk of being a focus, magnified in ways it shouldn't be. There may be pockets, but even that might not occur. We have to control the perception of potential for violence lest it feed itself and scare people needlessly. 5/
Since late summer, most major cities and many states have been preparing for potential for violence on election day and any time after, if the result is in question. It is why a decisive victory by Biden is good for many reasons. Violent groups or people breed on uncertainty. 6/
In my "maybe they will act responsibly" dreams, an early alert by FOX News, whose professional election team is said to be in charge 11/3, of Biden victory will take much off the table since the violence will (don't pretend otherwise) come from those sympathetic to its views.7/
This week, you will start to see preparation in many places. though no city the same. It starts with a strong communications strategy, likely starting Tuesday, about planning which has included public safety and community leaders. It also includes less discussed parts, like 8/
monitoring of public websites and social media, more aggressive surveillance of those who might be a threat, and other intelligence efforts should activity rise to federal crime. Good. No apologies, my resistance friends. This is to protect the right to vote. 9/
You may also hear of command posts being established or opened later this week. Don't panic. That too is part of plan, especially in swing states. There MAY be National Guard presence; again, planning worse case scenario for many governors, and that isn't necessarily bad. 10/
Unfortunately, we have no federal law prohibiting open carry at voting facilities (we will), and some states are in litigation. But there are rules about voter intimidation, and they vary by state. 11/
On day of, or night before, there will begin to be (non armed in many cases) deployment in some areas if necessitated by intelligence or if tensions high enough that they can serve a role. Community engagement is key. Communication as well. 12/
Well aware of tensions in many areas between law enforcement and communities, and so public safety officials may not be first in line. There will be ratcheting up triggers, so to speak, as day unfolds. Goal is to not exacerbate potential for violence. 13/
Another series of plans are ongoing should vote not be determined (will explain later!) but it is why recent poll numbers are good. We have a Pres. who promotes terrorism and the denigration of democracy. The numbers matter. Many of his supporters will fold against tsunami. 14/
Trump knows this. He also knows he can't rely on the military because of DOD/Milley/Mattis post-Lafayette stance. DHS unidentified agent efforts may continue, but statements by even their leadership are more muted now. 15/
Anyway, all this will start soon enough. You may hear or see it. It is madness that we are here. It is not worthy of a nation like ours. But there are preparations.
Vote no matter where you are, no matter how difficult. The violence breeds in the grey. Numbers matter.
And be safe. Don't panic too much, but focus that energy. Things are looking hopeful, so just keep doing what you are doing.
#Vote #VoteLikeYourLifeDependsOnIt
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